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Genetic Disease

You can make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle because our tests empower you with knowledge about your genetic status in relation to disease.

Paternity Testing

Simple and confidential way to confirm the biological father of a child. We make use of a test using 16 genetic markers to give you results that are accurate and reliable

Pharmacogenetics Testing

Pharmacogenetic testing looks at specific genes to help figure out the types of medication and dosages that may be right for you.

Prepaid Medical Card

Prepaid Medical Card

Medical events come at the wrong time of month. Be prepared for unexpected medical needs. No claiming. No waiting period. Immediate access. Use now, pay later.

Research Projects

GENEdiagnostics undertakes research contracts on behalf of the research community into the causes, transmission, treatment and management of inherited disorders and traits.

Use Genetic Data to make better Medical Decisions

Our goal is the rapid medical diagnosis of inherited diseases, provided at the earliest possible moment as we turn analytical information into actionable results for physicians, patients and pharmaceutical partners.

Just wow. I knew I was going to get a great healthcare, but the customer service staff went above and beyond all my expectations. I will recommending my plan to all my friends. Five stars!

Tommy Baker

I was dealt with very pleasantly, Prof Zaahl actually came out to my office to meet me to do the buccal swab for the pharmacogenetics test that assisted the oncologists handling my case at Groote Schuur Hospital. Overall pleasant and very interesting/enlightening experience.

Brenda Cummings

Quick and easy DNA paternity testing, saving me time & money.

Russell Chamber

Partnered Clicks Clinics

If you’re purchasing a kit online, check our list of partnered Clicks clinics for ease of access. Alternative feel free to contact us to confirm which partnered Clicks is best for your location.

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